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Announcing the launch of GoQuanto (Previously The Quantum Agency)

Announcing the launch of GoQuanto (Previously The Quantum Agency)

As of 8th of August 2019, we’re proud to announce the relaunch of The Quantum Agency under the new trading name of GoQuanto. The GoQuanto company will continue to offer all the portfolio of services which were previously provided through The Quantum Agency. The decision behind the company rebranding process is to reflect a positive shift with how the company will expand it’s business operation and movement towards focusing it’s business operation on beginning to acquire and work with clients internationally as well as continuing to provide digital publication services to it’s UK client base.

Over the past year, J&S Venture Capital Holdings Ltd (Parent management company of The Quantum Agency) were eager to build a bolder and more unique brand behind their digital marketing and web design business whilst they began to plan and strategise their future business journey towards working with SME’s clients from around the globe.

The change behind the company brand will not reflect any price changes or adjustments being made to any of the services provided through the GoQuanto company. Customers can be reassured that the only noticeable difference which will be reflected through the rebranding process will be the appearance of the new company logo being displayed across both the GoQuanto website and any associated network systems (e.g. Payment and Client Portal)

Going forward in to the future GoQuanto (GQ) will begin to invoice and provide customer service through the GoQuanto brand as oppose to The Quantum Agency.

Any customers accessing The Quantum Agency after the 8th of August 2019 will be automatically redirected through to https://www.goquanto.co.uk

Mission Statement

GoQuanto is a UK and international leading service provider of affordable web design, digital marketing and branding services. Over the remainder of 2019 and in to the respective future, GoQuanto (GQ) aims to deliver industry leading web design to students, hobbyists, charities and entrepreneurs. We take great pride with ensuring that all services are priced fairly whilst offering feature rich benefits to help maximise the potential of your next online project.

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GoQuanto also provides a variety of affordable pay monthly website leasing plans to organisations across the world which prefer to breakdown the costs of web development in to an affordable pay monthly plan. The great potential and importance of website leasing is a vital consideration every online aspiring business owner should think carefully about.

If you haven’t already had the chance to check out our range of pay monthly website leasing plans, click here to get a simple and easy to understand rundown of what GoQuanto has to offer. If you are unsure which plan is right for your next project, not to worry! You can always contact a member of the GoQuanto team today on 0330 058 9588 (Monday – Friday, 09:30am until 17:30pm)

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